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Allen, Atheling, Arundel, Audley, Backecott, Badlesmere, Baldock,
Baldridge, Bailey, Baker, Banks, Basset,
Baynard, Beddenden, Begebury, Bennett, Berryman, Bish/Bysshe, Bishop, Botetourt, Bovile, Bradwell, Brashear, Brasseur, Burghersh, Butler, Cager, Carroway, Cergeaux, Chamberlain, Charnock, Chaworth, Christopher, Clare, Clement, Clifford, Colepeper, Cooke, Cornelius, Cox, Creannmore, Crow, Cunningham, Curzon, DeBurch, Despenser, Dunn, Dupree, Edwards, Ehart, Elliott, English, Eychingham, Farmer, Farrar, Faversham, Fielding, FitzAlan, FitzLewis, FitzWalter, Fletcher, Fowkke, Fox, Francis, Franklin, Freeman, Froxmere, Galloway, Garner, Garrett, Gedge, Gosnolde, Goushill, Grandeson, Griffin, Haley, Hall, Hanbury, Harris, Harrison, Hastings, Hermann, Hibbit, Hill, Hoffman, Hogan, Hoggard, Howard, Huffman, Johns, Jones, Jopling, Kebell, Kelke, Keene, Keesee, Keith, Knyvet, Lacye, Lamkin, Latimer, Majer, Manley, Manly, MacCrinan, Maltravers, Marowe,  Marlowe, Martin, Mason, McAulay, McAuley, McDowell, Meanly, Metcalfe, Molyns, Montague, Monthermer, Morgan, Mustain, Naunton, Neville, Newman, Nicks, Petitt, Poteet, Pearce, Percy, Perrin, Pierce, Pilkington, Plaiz, Plantagenet, Presley, Pullen, Ramsey, Randle, Randolph, Reichmann, Reece, Reynolds, Richford, Riley, Roper, Royall, Rucker, Russell, Rust, Salisbury, Scales, Schwingel, Seneschal, Spencer, Stafford, Starke, Stephens, Stepney, St. John, Stokes, Sturdon, Taye, Teyes, Thompson, Thorley, Throckmorton, Tisdale, Tuchet, Turner, Tydings, Ufford, Vere, Vesey, Volck, Walker, Walton, Ware, Warenne, Wauton, Welch, Weyland, Whitaker, Wibbe, Williams, Wilson, Wingfield, and Wood.                    


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Good times...
Good friends...
Good health to you...
And the luck of the Irish
In all that you do!


"Sunset" by Norman Rockwell (Author's Favorite)

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